Amanda Frisbie | Seattle Reign FC

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Up Close and Personal with: The Liverpool FC 14/15 Home Kit 

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Carli Lloyd punching Vanessa DiBernardo, which lead to her getting a yellow card

^ yellow card

^ red card

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And following the Reign’s design template, the Spirit. :)

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This is the first design I came up with for the Reign. Clean and simple. Sure would look good near the stadium and Space Needle 😉

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"It is heartbreaking losing one of our players to this injury,” said Washington Spirit head coach and general manager Mark Parsons. “Tiffany came into preseason feeling and looking the fittest she has ever been. Her performances easily showed that. Everyone who watched our first two preseason games knows the huge impact she would have had for the Spirit this season. Tiffany has incredibly strong character and we know she will come back from this stronger than ever. She has the full club support behind her and I know the fans will help show the true meaning of Spirit Family over the next few months. Can’t wait to see “Ocho” back on the field!"

Mark Parsons on Weimer’s injury (via us-wnt)

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"This is obviously not an ideal situation. I can’t nutmeg anyone for at least 8 months. But I’ll get through it and come back stronger and better,” said Weimer. “I’ve had an incredible support group so far with the Spirit organization and especially my teammates and Mark. I’m looking forward to being the Spirit’s biggest fan in 2014 and joining them in 2015."

Tiffany Weimer on her injury (X)

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Monique Lamoureux #7 of United States celebrates with team-mate Jocelyne Lamoureux #17 after scoring her team’s sixth goal in the second period during the Women’s Ice Hockey Preliminary Round Group A game against Switzerland on day three of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics on February 10, 2014. [x]

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In the Book, with Becky Sauerbrunn, Vol. II



“It is the obvious which is so difficult to see most of the time. People say ‘It’s as plain as the nose on your face.’ But how much of the nose on your face can you see, unless someone holds a mirror up to you?”

-    Isaac Asimov, I, Robot

It all comes down to perspective.  My computer’s dictionary states that perspective is the ‘true understanding of the relative importance of things.”  Who, in their right mind, can honestly claim to know the relative importance of things?  I think it’s impossible, you’re either too close or too far away to a situation to really grasp its significance and effect on the world.  I do, however, think there are ways to close that gap between being too involved and too disconnected.  Asimov gives us a hand when he writes that it takes someone holding up a mirror to really see your face.

Many of you may have read the New York Times article titled “Women’s Soccer League Tries to Connect and Survive.”  Many of you may not know that the original title had a ‘desperate’ thrown in at the beginning of it.  Is the NWSL desperate?  There have been two failed professional leagues before the NWSL, both of which folded before their fourth year.  Aside from Portland and maybe one or two others, attendance wasn’t as high as hoped for.  Many players do make the league minimum of $6,000.  It’s true, all of it.  Sounds pretty dismal.

Perspective, people.

Let’s use the MLS as the mirror.  The MLS struggled in its early years.  Teams folded and millions of dollars were lost.  Many teams played in football stadiums where an engaging atmosphere was virtually impossible to create.  20,000 fans is a great turnout.  20,000 fans in a cavernous 80,000-seat stadium is not so great, especially when ownership is paying big bucks to rent that stadium.  Rumors began of the league folding.  It took a billionaire, Phil Anschutz, to really keep the MLS alive.  At one point he owned several franchises while shouldering significant financial losses.  A lucrative deal with Adidas helped to solidify sponsorship and investor interest in the league.  And, from there, the league grew into what it is today.

Although we may not have a multi-billionaire in our ranks, we do have invested ownership groups and the backing of the US Soccer Federation.  Many teams don’t turn a profit so the financial backing from these entities can be seen as charitable.  So when you look at a $6,000 league minimum you have to then wonder what the alternative is.  No league at all?  That would be terrible.

The teams not paired with MLS franchises play at universities and smaller-capacity venues.  3,100 people at a venue with a max capacity of 3,200 people feels pretty darn full.  And the atmosphere that gets created from that packed, rowdy crowd is what draws people to games and keeps them coming back for more.  We sign autographs after games, chat with our fans, and we pride ourselves on being approachable and relatable.  Because we are.  We love the game and we clearly aren’t playing for multi-million dollar contracts.  I mean, I kick a ball around a field for a living.  When you say it like that, it sounds ridiculous.

When we lost to the Washington Spirit on Saturday I was crushed.  It took a post-game speech from our coach, Vlatko, to put it into perspective.  We can let that game define our season or we can learn from it and let it be a minor blip on our journey to a successful season.  Our choice.  There will always be setbacks and blips, whether you’re looking at a single game, a season, or the sustainability of a league.  But it is our decision on how we view those obstacles.  So we keep an eye on the now and an eye on the future.  We can’t expect greatness from the get-go, especially with our history of failed leagues.  Can it get better?  For sure.  But in order to give this league a fighting chance, we all need to have a little perspective.

NWSL reacts to NYT


Fantastic piece written by Meg Linehan about what’s next for the NWSL

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Soooooo, I came up with a cost-effective, fun way to promote the NWSL this morning and now I want to run it by you all.

Chandler (oneheartuswnt) and I are working on some sticker designs for the league and every NWSL team. We want fans to slap ‘em up like crazy and raise awareness for the teams/league, especially fans who live in team areas. We’re also looking to have a portion of the proceeds donated to the respective teams. Stickers are a cheap and easy way to promote.

How many of you are interested? If everything goes well, I’ll send nine 10-packs (maybe more!) to nine random fans who live in team areas. The more people interested, the more I’ll give away, and not only to team area fans. Any ideas, please send ‘em our way!

We’re going to make sure this league thrives.

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WOSO fans I need your help!


Hey soccer fans,

Im starting a new photo project and Im looking for women’s soccer fans to interview and photograph. Doesn’t matter what team you support but id love to hear your story. Im going to start off with only people in NY/NJ/CT but than later on in the project extend it to Boston, Canada and where ever else I can get to. 

Its loosely based off of my previews series here.

Its going to be great! If anyone is interested send me a message on here or email me 

Thank you!


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Part time right winger, part time seal.

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