What really irritates me is when commentators talk about Balotelli like he’s some sort of animal who has no self restraint. It’s like they want him to blow up. It’s disgusting.

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So I basically did all the values the MLS logo tried to portray, but only better.

Was that so hard? The outside line of the main colored area should always be darker than the area it’s around. That’s the biggest problem I have.

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Liverpool 2-1 Ludogorets

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we should dismantle the la kings


and give their funding to the cwhl


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Article is in German so I obviously did not bother reading it. But this is very…interesting. Well…they are far more technical. But still, very very interesting. And y’all thought NWSL was just a huge pull for her. ;-)

Oooh. I like that she said it for a whole bunch of reasons.

A) it’s fucking true, at least the first part. Our team needs to step it up because it’s been almost disheartening to watch and Angerer is the first person who’s said anything about it.
B) Alex has her moments of fragility, I guess. Especially last season she got frustrated and mental, but in my opinion she came back this season with a much stronger mental game. She was just recovering from injury. At full health with an improved mental game, she’s as strong as any of them.
C) this is totally motivational. It should be written on the board before every training and game. Germany-USA can be considered a true rivalry so it’s fantastic whenever players help build it up like this.

Introducing LFC’s new vice captain, Number 14, Jordan Henderson

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Diana Taurasi // YOU DEE REAL MVP // 3x Champ

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"Sports media is powerful. It doesn’t just respond to our desires as sports consumers, it helps create our demands and perceptions. How can we think of women’s sports as anything other than amateur if they’re given D-League attention?"

Women’s Sports Are Getting Less Airtime”, by Evelyn Shoop at The Daily Beast (via nosdrinker)

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The Phoenix Mercury defeat the Chicago Sky 87-82 to become the 2014 WNBA Champions (September 13, 2014).

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